Candy Canes & Cranes!

In this industry, there are times when utilizing a crane for tree removals can be a much safer and more time efficient method. The crane allows for the machine to do the heavy and controlled lifting, but still requires precision and knowledge when operating from both the crane side and our own.

Below is a video from a recent job where we successfully removed a total of 16 massive trees with the assistance of a crane. One of our climbers was in the trees coordinating with the crane operator to ensure the work was completed safely and correctly and was completed within 3 days.

We have loved sharing all the projects we have been working on this month, including this successful crane removal, and could not have done so without the help of fellow local business – Acey Duecy!

Enjoy some Cider, Cocoa, & Crane Content today!

A short and sped up clip of our team safely removing a tree. We are using a large crane today to ensure safe removal of a tree in a hazardous location.

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