Hazardous Trees

When in doubt, check it out!

We were called to a clients property to assess a tree that was severely cracked at the base and destined to ultimately fail.

The failure of this tree would have caused major destruction to the surrounding area and could have possibly damaged the home depending on how the tree snapped.

Thankfully, our experienced team was able to complete this hazardous removal and ensure the safety of our client.

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Stay safe and happy holidays!

Welcome October!


We are moving into the colder months which is a great time of year to conduct annual trimming, pruning, and shaping as the trees will all be in a dormant state for winter.

When it comes to removals, anytime of year will do! Below is an example of a before and after tree removal that was in tight quarters to our clients home and deck.

It was safely removed without any surrounding damage and all debris was removed from the property.

Large Tree
Large Tree Removal

? 2020! Infinity Tree Services LLC

As we near towards the closing of this year, we reminisce, but also rejoice in the beginning of a New Year. We are looking forward to branching out in 2021 in hopes of servicing both new and returning clients, as well as a broader spectrum of areas. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your continued support in our business and in our crew. Here is a snapshot of some of our memories from this past year.?????

Candy Canes & Cranes!

In this industry, there are times when utilizing a crane for tree removals can be a much safer and more time efficient method. The crane allows for the machine to do the heavy and controlled lifting, but still requires precision and knowledge when operating from both the crane side and our own.

Below is a video from a recent job where we successfully removed a total of 16 massive trees with the assistance of a crane. One of our climbers was in the trees coordinating with the crane operator to ensure the work was completed safely and correctly and was completed within 3 days.

We have loved sharing all the projects we have been working on this month, including this successful crane removal, and could not have done so without the help of fellow local business – Acey Duecy!

Enjoy some Cider, Cocoa, & Crane Content today!

A short and sped up clip of our team safely removing a tree. We are using a large crane today to ensure safe removal of a tree in a hazardous location.

December 2019, resolution month, make 2020 a safe years! If you’ve been wondering: Who do I call for tree removal? How Do I know if my tree is safe? Who is the Best Value Arborist in Des Moines Washington? Infinity Tree Services LLC has a 5.0 star rating on our Maps and Social media!

Look no further, you can schedule an estimate online; or call now to set an appointment! If you’re thinking: How much to remove my tree? or Who is the best tree removal company? We’re a family operated tree company, specializing in stump and large tree removals, from large and small. We have the equipment and safety training to help you greatly with Health Assessments, Tree and Limb Removal for Hazardous Trees, Cleanup after a tree falls unexpectedly

Don’t wait! Just look at what happened below!! Thankfully everyone was OK, and we were able to safely remove it for the repair crews to come in behind us.

An ounce of prevention is ON SALE NOW at Infinity Tree Services in Des Moines WA! Some say it’s worth a pound of cure, but in our industry proper prevention can save a life. Schedule a Tree Removal in Seattle WA Now! Live in the surrounding areas? Call a tree expert and ask if we are able to serve your area!

Book online right now! Avoid the wait! Questions? Wondering: Who do I ask about the health of my trees? Call us!

Stay Rooted In Family. Paul Siciliano enjoying a moment and being kept down to earth. Hard to do with all the 5 star ratings! 🙂 #FamilyKeepsYouHumble

October 2019 is the month for Dangerous Tree Preventative Maintenance. Limb Removal, Arboreal Health Check, Hazardous Tree Inspection, before the fall rain and wind gets too terrible!

Call now to set an appointment! We do Health Assessments, Tree and Limb Removal for Hazardous Trees, as well as cleanup after a large tree falls. Just look at what happened when the wind blew over this large tree! Thankfully everyone was OK, and we were able to safely remove it for the repair crews to come in behind us.

An ounce of prevention is ON SALE NOW at Infinity Tree Services in Des Moines WA! Some say it’s worth a pound of cure, but in our industry it can save a life.

Book now to avoid having to wait! People sometimes recall this sort of thing after a storm already damages their property, or after we’re already booked up! We work hard to get to the most urgent needs first so if you have an emergency situation, be sure to make that clear to us when you call or email.

Pruning 2019 in Des Moines, WA and Federal Way, Seatac, Seattle, and Surrounding Areas.

Pruning season is best between now and March 15th for a fuller pruning, but you will want to be done with pruning season around April 15 before it gets too warm. this is to be sure to maximize the pruning benefit; while plants and trees are still dormant from winter.
If you have been thinking about pruning your trees, Schedule now! Ensure that you are pruned before the season is over. We’re scheduling out a bit, so if you want to prune by April 15th, please schedule ASAP!
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Fall Pruning and Removal – Accepting 2018 Fall Scheduling!

Fall and winter are seasons prone to leave trees and fallen branches on your property, or worse, your persons. 1 oz. of Prevention = 1 lbs. of Cure. If you’re worried about a tree, don’t hesitate; call now! Ask about our Service Members discounts, EMT, Police, Military, Fire Personnel, City Janitor, If you serve the public for your living; let our owner know! He would like to personally thank you for your service with a discount. Contact Us

Tree Truck, facing the evening sky, overlooking a beautiful blue lake with bright greenery around it’s shore