Hardscape Services

Fencing Services

We are proud to offer fencing services in addition to our tree services to help clients achieve their outdoor goals and visions at a one stop shop with our company. Our hardscape crew has worked together for over 5 years and harbors over decades of experience in this industry. We have worked on many different fence types ranging from Cedar, Wood, Metal, Trex, Glass, etc. We also offer fence repairs caused from rot, mildew, severe winds, or even from a tree falling on a fence, we have you covered!

Decking & Paver Installation Services

In addition to fencing, we also offer Decking Services. Our hardscape crew is equally experienced in this line of work and only use quality tools and materials to ensure a long lasting home feature that is sure to be a staple in your outdoor living space. We work with all types of materials and come prepared with all the necessary equipment required. We also can repair existing decks if a full replacement is not necessary.

Retaining Wall Services

Our hardscape crew is also experienced in retaining wall building utilizing all different types of materials and can build on any terrain. We have even built a bulkhead on a lake house property and did so with the structural integrity of the wall at the forefront of the project (see photos on our Facebook page!) We also lay pavers and pathways in addition to retaining walls. It is our mission to bring your outdoor vision to reality and only having to work with one contractor to do so. 

Roofing Services

We are skilled and trained to successfully clean off roofs removing all debris from trees, moss build up, and clogged gutters safely and efficiently. Please feel free to contact us for a free estimate to include roof and gutter cleaning as well as an application of moss out on your roof to prevent future build up and growth.

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