Welcome to Infinity Tree Services LLC!

We are proud to be a full service tree company that provides peace of mind for any outdoor needs. We offer many services including but not limited to: Tree planting, pruning, trimming, stump grinding, and tree removals. Our crew of skilled arborists are prepared to complete the work safely and efficiently. 

In addition, we have continued to expand our outdoor solutions by having a crew that focuses on arboriculture, and one that focuses on fencing, decking, retaining walls, drains, crush pads, etc. We also offer roofing services, both for cleaning, repair, and replacement!

It is our goal and utmost priority to provide excellent and honest work. We pride our company and crew on leaving homes we service as if we were never there. We value and respect every property we have the opportunity to work on, and cherish the relationships we build with clients along the way. 

We would love the opportunity to meet you and show you our expertise and knowledge in our industry. For a free and honest estimate please feel free to contact us today – 253.242.5980

Owner of Infinity Tree Services LLC, Paul Siciliano conducts all appointments taking the time to personally meet and provide estimates.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon!


Emergency Hours of Operation – Available 24/7, 365 days a year.
Non-Emergency Hours of Operation:
Monday—Friday: 8AM–5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Closed.

For EMT, Fire, and Emergency situations, after calling 911 and arranging proper services; if a tree professional is needed, we will make special accommodations for urgent or emergency situations. Please call and lets us know it’s an emergency and we’ll respond ASAP! 253-242-5980

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Our legacy started in 2008; after finishing my duties with the United States Marine Corps. I tried working for a retail company after coming home. I quickly realized that working for others in a big box setting just wasn’t for me. Life after combat is rarely an easy one. It can be difficult reintegrating back into the society you so fiercely protected. That’s when I made the decision to branch out on my own in any way I could. Somehow, that big box store happened to be one of the best decisions. Though it didn’t last long, I met my wife there on my first day! Soon after meeting, we moved in together as roommates. We didn’t even know each other’s last name. She has supported me fearlessly through the years, down a few different avenues. It wasn’t until 2011 that I cut down my first tree. I knew then that I had found my true passion and calling. I have something unheard of, more often than not, for combat veterans. I am filled with gratitude.

A few years went by, my roommate became my wife, and we had our daughter. In 2015, I made the decision to make tree care my full time focus. I went head first into the industry. Thanks to an amazing mentor, I learned the ropes the right way. One year later, I was ready to expand on my own; Infinity Tree Services LLC was born. I love the tree care industry for multiple reasons. I get to work with my hands and put in an honest day’s work the old fashioned American Way.

Tree work is all about being able to adapt and overcome any situation. This is the pinnacle of what I learned in the Marine Corps. Having full trust and confidence in your team to complete a mission and the task at hand was something I had missed since I retired from the Marines. It is amazing to have that brotherhood and culture in the arbor community. I like to believe that’s why our crew runs so flawlessly and efficiently. We’re like brothers. We know that safety and accuracy is what will bring all of us home to our families every night. It makes our customers feel safer as well!

Leading a crew into the unknown every day is something I know well. We love the process of dismantling deadly puzzles every day in the most efficient and methodical way. It puts smiles on our faces. There is no greater reward than working hard for our customer’s piece of mind and providing for my family at the same time.

We started with nothing but a chainsaw and a dream. Now we have built this company and crew into the ability to handle any job, day or night; in any weather condition, safely and accurately. Our employees know that they can count on me, so they can provide for their families. My wife raises our beautiful children the way we have always dreamed. All because of this company, she can volunteer at their schools. It allows us to really focus and be involved in their education and upbringing. Truthfully, she takes care of all of us. And our kids consider our crew as family.

Infinity Tree Services LLC has been a crazy amazing ride. We are so grateful for our crew that helped built this company with us. We pride ourselves on being the neighbor you can call when you need us most; and it brings us great joy to do so. Our goal isn’t to be the biggest tree company, but to be the best. It is our honor to help the community feel safe, so we’re honest and conscientious with every cut and decision. We try and save the trees as often as we can, if they aren’t a danger. In the cases that we can’t, we give back by planting two trees for every one removed through the National Forest Service. This has been an unbelievable journey. We thank you for your part in it.