Tree Planting

Tree Planting in Des Moines, WA and surrounding areas (Seattle, Federal Way, Renton, Kent)

Adding a new tree to your yard is exciting! It’s like inviting a friend from the forest to stay as part of the family. At Infinity Tree Services LLC, we think it is a great way to Spruce up your yard, pun intended. But there are many other occasionally overlooked benefits to adding trees to your homescape:

Trees not only bring unique beauty to any onlooker, they also add significant environmental value to the world around them. Everyone knows that trees breathe in our carbon dioxide and exhale clean air. Obviously this is an enormous benefit!

There are many more:

  • Enhancing privacy aesthetically
  • Increasing property value, often yours and neighbors
  • Increasing happiness, Nature is shown to benefit our psyche
  • Shielding from wind in the winter
  • Shading from the UV rays of the sun
  • One tree can be home to many beneficial lifeforms simultaneously!
  • One tree can also host destructive life forms
  • birds, squirrels, bats, many animals thrive with tree houses
  • Do kids still climb trees?

The seasoned pro’s at Infinity Tree Services LLC can help answer any questions you might have about the tree planning process; from planting to care to removal. We can even refer you to someone that could make you a tree memorial art piece from the wood! Some people grow attached to their trees; here’s one that is a bonafide citizen, AND property owner! So we understand that, and we bring that understanding into our ways and work ethics.

If you’re ready to plant a new tree, anywhere that might be, call Infinity Tree Services LLC in Des Moines and surrounding areas! You’ll see!