Before and After Decking project in Des Moines Washington

This transformation has been such a fun project for our fencing & decking crew. We were able to brainstorm ideas to create an updated and modern front entrance while keeping in mind aesthetics and of course, functionality of the space. The best part is this is only the beginning! We are excited to continue providing updates of the progress of our work as we re-imagine the possibilities for our sweet clients vision of her home, so stay tuned!!

Before & After!

This massive maple tree uprooted and fell on a home breaking the window and puncturing the roof last week. Thankfully no one was injured and all damages were mitigated. We were able to remove the fallen tree and debris, board up the window temporarily, and coordinate to replace the damaged roof and gutters. Having the right equipment and crew makes these types of miracles possible! 💪🏼🌳💗#infinitytreeservicesllc#treework#treelife#arborists#firstresponders#saferemovals#stihl#treecrew#beforeandafter#safetyfirst#thankatreeguy

Windstorms Got You Down? Our team has been working to mitigate hazardous tree emergencies for the past few weeks! Check out this video

These past 2 & 1/2 weeks our crew worked diligently day and night to mitigate and handle as many tree related emergencies as quickly and methodically as possible.

The windstorm caused a multitude of trees to fall on houses, roofs, driveways, in backyards and on fences ultimately leaving some of the families we helped displaced from their homes altogether.

As always, thank you for the unwavering support, patience, and understanding as we navigated through the first large windstorm of 2021.

Here’s a small glimpse of what those weeks entailed!

#emergencytreework #arborists #hazardousremovals #treecrew #stihl #firstresponders #workhard #safetyfirst #dayandnight

What are some of your Resolutions this New Year? Tree Care, Fencing, Decking, Retaining Walls, Drains, Roofs Gutters? We are looking forward to more in 2021!

What are some of your Resolutions this New Year?

One of our main goals is to continue growing to provide solutions to any and all outdoor needs.

As we ‘sway’ into this year, we are holding onto opportunities to display our specialties and talents possessed by our crew and team.

Whether it is tree work, fencing, decking, retaining walls, drains, or even roofs and gutters, we are here to provide honest work, done right.

Enjoy some slow motion tree falling and the rest of your weekend!

👋 2020! Infinity Tree Services LLC

As we near towards the closing of this year, we reminisce, but also rejoice in the beginning of a New Year. We are looking forward to branching out in 2021 in hopes of servicing both new and returning clients, as well as a broader spectrum of areas. We sincerely appreciate and thank you for your continued support in our business and in our crew. Here is a snapshot of some of our memories from this past year.💚🌳🍁💪💚

Happy Holiday’s from our Family & Crew

We wish you all a Happy Holiday and very Merry Christmas. 

The Family of Infinity Tree LLC

This year has brought so many unexpected and unpredictable changes, but we have remained consistent in how incredibly blessed we have been throughout this year. 

We value the gift of togetherness in such times of separation and are thankful to work with a crew that is truly family. 

We will be unavailable for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (with the exception to emergencies), but otherwise, plan to spend time unplugged and present with those who matter most.

We wish you all joy, good health, and a prosperous beginning to the New Year!

With love,

Infinity Tree Services LLC Crew & Family

Candy Canes & Cranes!

In this industry, there are times when utilizing a crane for tree removals can be a much safer and more time efficient method. The crane allows for the machine to do the heavy and controlled lifting, but still requires precision and knowledge when operating from both the crane side and our own.

Below is a video from a recent job where we successfully removed a total of 16 massive trees with the assistance of a crane. One of our climbers was in the trees coordinating with the crane operator to ensure the work was completed safely and correctly and was completed within 3 days.

We have loved sharing all the projects we have been working on this month, including this successful crane removal, and could not have done so without the help of fellow local business – Acey Duecy!

Enjoy some Cider, Cocoa, & Crane Content today!

A short and sped up clip of our team safely removing a tree. We are using a large crane today to ensure safe removal of a tree in a hazardous location.

Happy Thanksgiving

Infinity Tree Services LLC Crew

From all of the Infinity Tree Services LLC Crew, we genuinely wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for so many reasons, but first and foremost, we are thankful for our crew. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the devotion, dedication, and adaptability they bring every single day.

We are thankful to have been able to expand our company through decking, fencing, and retaining walls to add to the multitude of outdoor services we provide.

But most importantly, we are thankful for the unwavering support and trust of all of our clients. We are thankful for the continuous promotion of our services through word of mouth, Facebook, and next-door. We are thankful to have been given the opportunity to show you our skill set and profession in our industry and to love what we do. #thankful #thanksgiving #Infinitytreeservicesllc #tree-crew #arborists

Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Hazardous Segment Removals, No Problem! Our Bandit Chipper Gets The Log Chipped!

WARNING: AUDIO MAY BE REALLY LOUD! Check your volume before playing! 🙂 As it turns out, wood chippers are really loud!
Large Hazardous Tree Removal, Before We Begin Removal
Large tree removals can cause all kinds of issues. Proper planning, teamwork, and tools all come into play. We love what we do, but we also want to go home safely every night.

Having proper equipment in this industry makes all the difference in terms of efficiency, reliability, and safety. Here are some videos from a birds eye view of a tree being removed, winched, and chipped through the Bandit Chipper by our highly experienced crew.