• Rob Edwards Avatar

    We had some trees limbed along with some pruning. It’s was what I would consider, a challenging job. I was very impressed with Infinity Tree Service and Paul - very professional and they did a real stellar job. I will be bringing them back for additional work around our home.

    Rob Edwards 4/13/2021
    L Beller Avatar

    Paul & his fantastic crew exceeded our expectations! Not only was our yard left looking amazing, it was an enjoyable experience watching the Infinity crew work. They have great leadership and good camaraderie all while getting a potentially dangerous job done safely.Money well spent- Thanks again Infinity!

    L Beller 11/13/2020
    Debbie O'Riley Avatar

    They came, they saw, they jumped into high-gear! They saw that half of the tree was down, but the other half was still standing, split, & weak. It was like watching firefighters. They saved me & my neighbor's house - I HIGHLY endorse/recommend INFINITY TREE SERVICES, LLC When they left, it was safe & SO clean - you wouldn't have known that during the night a giant of epic proportions had fallen ?,made a huge mess ? & endangered a home ? Thanks guys!!!

    Debbie O'Riley 2/13/2021
    Robert Stonesifer Avatar

    I need to send my highest recommendation for a tree removal business. Infinity Tree Removal Service is a local business and veteran owned. They are licensed and bonded and honest. They are fair on their prices, fast, efficient and leave the area cleaner than they found it.We had them do some work a few weeks back, but last night my neighbor had a tree split and come down in the storm. It left the other half precariously swaying in the wind and taking aim at my house. We called early in the morning and they showed up within the hour. They saved our butts today and my house.These guys are the real deal and above all....good people.

    Robert Stonesifer 2/13/2021
    Kate Gatton Avatar

    Add me to the list of people who never write reviews but couldn't *not* leave a review for Infinity Tree Services!I have had Paul and his team out for two jobs. The first was ivy removal and pruning a giant maple and ancient cherry tree, and a stump grinding of an existing stump from the previous homeowner. The second job was replacing our (nasty) old fence. Both jobs were done quickly, professionally, and with an amazing attention to detail. They truly care about making sure you get exactly what you want. These guys are meticulous, friendly, and super capable, no matter the job! Their prices are more than reasonable, and their workmanship is second to none. I honestly cannot recommend them enough.

    Kate Gatton 9/13/2020
    Tim Kelly Avatar

    Most Excellent! Paul and his amazing crew where professional, fun and a non-stop acrobatic delight. More entertaining then our last circ-de-sole show. I will highly recommend these guys..and gal.

    Tim Kelly 11/13/2020
    Kyle Duggan Avatar

    Paul and his crew were incredibly professional and safety minded. They inspected, trimmed, and removed several large cedar and fir trees in our backyard in one day. Very grateful for Paul's expert advice for some of the other trees on our property as well. I highly recommend Infinity Tree Service!

    Kyle Duggan 1/13/2021
    Lori Thiemann Avatar

    The guys with this company are awesome!!! So nice and professional and they did a great job!!!! I would not hesitate to recommend them and use them again myself in the future!

    Lori Thiemann 9/13/2020
    kevin olson Avatar

    Paul and his team were nothing but top notch. From the initial bid and conversation around the property to the take down of the tree and cleanup. Paul is a very nice person to do business with and I highly recommend his company for tree needs. Couldn’t be happier with the job done by Infinity Tree Service.

    kevin olson 8/13/2020
    Tanya Straight Avatar

    I would recommend Paul and the Infinity Tree Service team to anyone who needs tree work done. They were extremely professional and had a large crew knock my tree work out in hours. Everything was cleaned up like they were never there once they finished! I had one large tree removed, five large bushes removed, and three trees shaped and cleaned up. Two of those trees were a large cedar and oak tree. The Infinity team got me scheduled for a free quote and then quickly on their calendar once we decided to move forward. I will definitely be using Infinity Tree Service again.

    Tanya Straight 10/13/2020
    Jami Gramore Avatar

    This was a happy serendipitous event. Infinity Tree Services was up in my neck of the woods (Arlington) dropping off a load of wood chips, and they were able to work on the tree removal project that I've been avoiding for a year. I had seven really overgrown alders that needed to be cut down since they were right next to our septic field and were already swaying a lot and dropping limbs at the slightest breeze. The team got to work and took them down that same afternoon. Left me some snags, and blew the wood chips back onto the property, just as I wanted.

    They were professional and efficient, and I'm really happy with the results. Paul was friendly, environmentally conscious, and knew what he was talking about. I highly recommend this company.

    Jami Gramore 3/11/2019
    E L Avatar

    Updated 10/2020:Wow ? Originally they came for tree maintenance but we learned they do fencing too. We had a great first experience so we hired them for our fencing job. They completely exceeded all expectations. The fence is a beautiful cedar estate style fence with two gates...We couldn’t find a flaw if We tried. We had an unruly yard as well with rocky soil, Ivy and black berry bushes and trees in the way of the fence line they took care of it no problem. They again left our yard in better shape than when they came in doing some extra clean up on the side. I would HIGHLY recommend these guys, you won’t regret it!Original review 09/2020Just bought this home a month or two ago and the trees we have needed some attention as the previous owner let them grow wild, they were on the roof and blocking a window. We had a tree removed which was close to the house, a big maple thinned out which turned out beautifully, some fruit trees were pruned back to look nice and ivy and blackberry bushes removed from fencing. Everything was great and we will definitely hire them again. They also gave options for planting trees in the future and they were able to give us a quote for a new fence 🙂 our neighbors commented on how great the work looks and even requested a quote themselves. Would recommend!

    E L 10/13/2020
    Daniel De Groff Avatar

    Just had Paul and his crew over for a THIRD time to take care of a downed tree.

    There’s a reason I keep using Paul and his crew, and it’s because every single time they constantly leave the place better than they found it. I cannot tell you how patient the guys at Infinity are and how professional they are.

    I’ve honestly never seen any other company with this much dedication, professionalism, and friendliness. Every company should strive to be like Paul and his crew.

    Daniel De Groff 3/02/2019
    Josh Sweet Avatar

    We have worked with Paul a couple of times in the last year. To put it simply, if you need any kind of tree service, call Infinity. We’ve had some very challenging projects, including work around power lines, outbuildings and neighbor’s homes; each project requiring a thorough attention to detail to ensure nobody gets hurt and no property is damaged.Paul provides fair and reasonable pricing, you certainly get what you pay for - and then some. I joke with Paul that we’re going to need to plant some more trees just so we can keep working with him and his team in the future.I can’t recommend Paul and his crew enough. Paul is always on point and we have always felt like we’re in good hands when we work with him and his team.

    Josh Sweet 8/13/2020
    Bryan Schuster Avatar

    Outstanding! I don't write reviews and I don't plan on writing many more so here we go.Waited over two weeks for another bid. Infinity was doing a job at a neighbors house and I stopped for a contact. Right off the bat, guys were great. Came over, gave me a bid, and got a very difficult, dying/dead, Maple down without an incident, all before the other guy could even show up.Professional, polite, and considerate, can't say enough about the crew and Princes.

    Bryan Schuster 8/13/2020
    Charlene Schwartz Avatar

    Infinity Tree Services is one of the most professional and honest companies that we’ve done business with. We had other estimates outside of Infinity Tree Service that had just as competitive prices but we chose Infinity Tree Services because they had a schedule that worked with ours. We cannot recommend this company more and are so thankful we went with them.The owner is professional, prompt, friendly and runs a crew with the same qualities. The crew are knowledgeable and work together, they had our large almost dead tree removed in a short matter of time. They were courteous not just with us who hired them, but were just as gracious with our neighbors. It was hard to believe we had a tree removed when they were done. They cleaned our roof, gutters, surrounding areas including our neighbors driveway when they were done. It’s great to see companies like this still exist out there, especially when times have been hard on so many of us. If you’re looking for a tree service company, choose Infinity Tree Service, you won’t be sorry that you did. We could not possibly recommend them more.Mark & Charlene Schwartz

    Charlene Schwartz 10/13/2020
    eonvaulter Avatar

    This company is really special, and rare, in my experience. They do much more than tree work. We've had them service our trees (including taking down a 100'+ doug fir), tear off and rebuild a cedar deck (including framing), install an extensive french drain system, and build a retaining wall.I was skeptical at first that a tree service company could do high quality work across such a broad range of projects. I now have zero doubts. We gave them a chance at our other projects due to the courtesy and professionalism of Paul and his team when they came out to take care of our trees. I'm so very thankful we did. Going forward, I will always call Paul and his team first, for just about any exterior home project. If they can do it (and they probably can), it will be excellent work. If they can't, I have no doubt they'd be up front and honest about any limitations. I can't recommend this company strongly enough.

    eonvaulter 12/13/2020
    Patricia Caturia Avatar

    Paul was incredibly responsive, friendly and professional. They got us in the next day and were punctual. They did a great job on the work we needed done and we would hire them for our tree needs anytime in the future.

    Patricia Caturia 1/18/2018
    Zachary Orum Avatar

    Awesome Company, they removed a dead tree that ended up being rotten to the core. Even with that challenge they were able to get it done safely and cleaned up nicely! Will definitely use them again!

    Zachary Orum 11/13/2020
    Lewis Liu Avatar

    Infinity Tree Services LLC is the BEST. I bought my house few months ago in the Twin Lakes community in Federal Way. My front yard was full of evergreen stubs and there were 3 big trees in the front. And the back yard was also messy with many wrong plants. Paul, the owner, came and gave me his estimate, and sent me the plan via email then I could submit to the HOA. Paul was very knowledgeable and friendly. He knew the plants and what he was going to do for the best result. After the plan was approved, he brought 5 of his buddies and finished all the crazy work beautifully and quickly in just one day. Trust me, that was a lot of work! His price is super reasonable. Then I asked him to trim all the trees for my mom's house also in Federal Way, and of course they did an absolute wonderful job again. Now, my front yard was totally opened with new lawn and new flowering plants. Highly recommend.

    Lewis Liu 2/02/2018
    Peggy Scearce Avatar

    If it were possible I would give them 10 stars! An amazing crew who knows what they are doing and enjoys their work! Work was done quickly and with utmost care and quality, These guys really want to please you and go above and beyond to do so!

    Peggy Scearce 11/13/2020
    Kirk Lerwick Avatar

    I highly recommend Infinity Tree Services for anyone in need of an arborist. Their work quality is outstanding and no one can touch their prices. -they also happen to be local and veteran owned!!

    Kirk Lerwick 7/13/2020
    Viet Ong Avatar

    My wife and I were impressed by quality of work done by Paul and his team of five. They were well trained, equipped, and experienced. They removed a broad leaf maple tree that was situated next to our power line on a hillside in one day. They also trimmed one of our other broad leaf maple situate next to our house.

    They were considerate and aware of their surroundings. Before work started, they cleared and relocated our hose, barbecue, and potted plants to ensure that nothing gets damaged in the processes. They used plywood to ensure our road were not damaged. They ensure that our shrubs were protected from the falling branches and rolling logs. They care about what they were doing and enjoy their chosen profession.

    Paul was knowledgeable and answered our many questions, even ones that were not related to the job at hand. He gave us tips and advice even before we agree to the job.

    Professional quality work at an affordable price! I would recommend Paul and his crew to anyone who needs a tree remove or trim.

    Note: Paul mentioned that his crew would like see a four stars rating from a customer to make things more interesting. I can see why they don't get four stars. Five stars for this job.

    Viet Ong 7/31/2018

    This review is based on a second job I’ve had completed with Paul and Infinity Tree Service. The first time I worked with Paul was strictly for tree service (removal of 5 trees and 7 stumps). This job included tree service, hedge removal, and a brand new fence. Paul continues to give honest and fair pricing; as well as timelines. The crew he works with does high quality work, and are friendly when asked questions. They work with you when you make small changes mid job, which is much appreciated when completing a large job. His entire group is excellent, but I have to give an extended form of gratitude to his fence guys. My property is 12,500 square feet with challenging terrain. They worked day and night to complete my project in 3 days. The transformation of my property is night and day. I will continue to use Paul and his company for future jobs; as well as will continue to send family, friends, and coworkers to him. Thanks again guys, my property looks amazing!

    MATTHEW H HOGAN 7/13/2020
    jill Avatar

    Fantastic company that has a great team working together. Thank you so much!

    jill 8/13/2020
    Shane Warriner Avatar

    I recently had a tree on my property that had become ugly, overgrown and was causing problems with a neighbor. After getting a few quotes and having one person completely turn me down because they were under equipped for the job. I came across Paul at infinity tree services. Not only did he quote me the best price I had heard from anyone he went above and beyond to get the job handled quickly as to avoid anymore complications with the neighbor. Everything was handled while I was away at work which made me a little uneasy since I usually prefer to observe things being handled. After coming home I was more than impressed that after the removal I couldn’t tell there was ever even a tree there to begin with. They took this thing down to ground level and left no trace that they had done so. If you’re looking for friendly, efficient, professional service you’ve found it.

    Shane Warriner 12/13/2020
    Tracy Detty Avatar

    The guys were very professional and concerned for my safety. They went above and beyond to get the job done. I highly recommend this company for your tree service!!

    Tracy Detty 2/13/2021
    Alan Burg Avatar

    Paul and his crew did an amazing job on my property! They dealt with a difficult hillside and tough trees and made it look fabulous! Will hire them again for sure! Outstanding experience!

    Alan Burg 3/13/2021
    L J Avatar

    Excellent service- they did a beautiful job cleaning up our tree last summer. After they left, the area under the tree was cleaner than before they cane! Very pleased that we got it done considering the snow/wind this year would have brought the branches down possibly causing damage!

    L J 2/19/2019
    Joshua Oakes Avatar

    Paul and his team were an absolute pleasure. They not only did a great job getting the trees we needed gone removed and limbing up those that we kept, they were clearly enjoying what they do. Being how dangerous their line of work can be, it was nice to hear them laughing and joking around while making the safety of the crew and my home priority one. I highly recommend infinity Tree Service for all your treeing needs. They price extremely fair and actually enjoy what they do. Call them today!

    Joshua Oakes 8/13/2020
  • Anne-Marie Leon Avatar

    Paul squeezed me in late on a Friday afternoon when they were all tired. They were not sure that they could finish that day but they pushed and got it done. I am so pleased with the work and courtesy of Paul and his team. They were sensitive to my needs, friendly and meticulous with clean up. The price was less than other bids so a great situation for me. I'll definitely be hiring them again.

    Anne-Marie Leon 10/27/2018