Smita Balasubramanian AvatarSmita Balasubramanian
Dealing with this company was easy from the start. They’re very responsive. Paul, the owner, came by to scope out the job. He sent over the proposal, and once it was signed, getting the job scheduled was quick and simple. The crew showed up and you can tell they love what they do but their camaraderie was something to note. They clearly love working with each other. I’d recommend this company 100%. They came highly recommended by the community I live in and am happy to pay it forward to others looking for good quality, efficient, reasonable folks who get it done! - 8/26/2023 
Carrie Smith AvatarCarrie Smith
We have a very large curly Willow tree that was out of control. Earlier this spring Paul came out to inspect it and gave us great advice for how to trim it and make it healthier. His crew was out a couple days later and made our tree look amazing. The crew made sure I was happy with the shape/look and took care not to damage my grandma’s very old bird bath. Since installing sprinklers the tree looks so healthy and beautiful. Would definitely recommend Paul and crew for any tree service. Thanks again! - 8/18/2023 
Don Bollinger AvatarDon Bollinger
The Infinity Tree Services crew showed up on time ready to work. We had a lot for them to do and they got after it like a well-oiled machine. They really worked well together. The day was quite warm so my wife and I kept feeding them cool beverages. They were very appreciative. Paul (the owner) had given them a list of what they needed to get done along with pictures. That worked quite well until they disturbed a nest of bald-faced hornets in one of our apple trees. I gave the guy on the crew who was trying to deal with the hornets food grade diatomaceous earth that I had on hand. I didn’t know how long it might take but it seemed to work immediately. Once he got the nest down, he destroyed it and covered the dead hornets with dirt. A few of the hornets came back when the crew went to lunch and I threw a bunch more diatomaceous earth on the apple tree which seemed to dissuade those hornets that were returning. Now I have to find out where they will go next. Bald-face hornets will kill and eat honey bees and we would like the honey bees that come around our place to thrive. Diatomaceous will also kill honey bees so I had to be careful where I distributed it. The guys had several dead trees to take down—one of them quite tall. They had an old tree to top out and a beautiful old maple next to our house got a got trimming. They also trimmed around several electrical and cable wires that run to our home. They did a great job with everything—cleaning up thoroughly when they were done. I would highly recommend them. Don - 8/15/2023 
Stephen Young AvatarStephen Young
Great looking fence, great communication, and good price. Can't ask for much more than that! - 6/15/2023 
Miranda Turpin AvatarMiranda Turpin
The team at Infinity Tree Services from beginning to end is absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend them enough. We will be using them for all future tree and outdoor services!!!! - 6/14/2023 
Yasmin Burgos AvatarYasmin Burgos
Infinity Tree & Outdoor Services team were on time, professionals and did a clean tree cutting service in our backyard. I highly recommend these guys. - 6/06/2023 
Nick Wilmes AvatarNick Wilmes
Infinity Tree Services did an amazing job! We had a tree growing into our power lines and an old stump that was an eye sore. They came out and got rid of both faster than I would have imagined possible. They also did a great job of cleaning up and leveling out the area the tree and stump had been. You would never know that the tree or stump had ever been there once they were done. - 2/23/2023 
Jessica Egbert AvatarJessica Egbert
Got the job done fast!!! Good communication, great tree removal! - 1/18/2023 

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