October 2019 is the month for Dangerous Tree Preventative Maintenance. Limb Removal, Arboreal Health Check, Hazardous Tree Inspection, before the fall rain and wind gets too terrible!

Call now to set an appointment! We do Health Assessments, Tree and Limb Removal for Hazardous Trees, as well as cleanup after a large tree falls. Just look at what happened when the wind blew over this large tree! Thankfully everyone was OK, and we were able to safely remove it for the repair crews to come in behind us.

An ounce of prevention is ON SALE NOW at Infinity Tree Services in Des Moines WA! Some say it’s worth a pound of cure, but in our industry it can save a life.

Book now to avoid having to wait! People sometimes recall this sort of thing after a storm already damages their property, or after we’re already booked up! We work hard to get to the most urgent needs first so if you have an emergency situation, be sure to make that clear to us when you call or email.

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