Hindsight is 20/20, remove that hazardous tree before you have the WRONG kind of fall! Hazardous tree and limbs removal in the greater South Seattle area, Des Moines, Auburn, Kent, Black Diamond, South Center, Renton, Federal Way, and more.

We hope that in 2019 you and your family had THIS kind of Fall! You know, colorful and full of growth; not the tree kinda fall!

But what if a tree DOES fall? If that does happen to you, we’re here to help! Are you concerned about the health of one of your tree’s? Don’t wait for a limb, or a tree, to Fall and damage something or worse; injure someone.

At Infinity Tree Services LLC, we are concerned with safety. It’s our priority the your family, as well as our families, sleep safe at home every night! We have seen it all, no tree too big or small. But before they Fall, be sure you call! Infinity Tree Services LLC: (253)242-5980

Some pretty fall colors of trees, after an unhealthy tree was removed for the safety of the owners. Hazardous trees need to be removed, not just for the health of the surrounding trees and plants. For the safety of all who live nearby!

“Did you do your Fall cleanup yet? Time for Spring cleanup!” -Wise Saying

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