Windstorms Got You Down? Our team has been working to mitigate hazardous tree emergencies for the past few weeks! Check out this video

These past 2 & 1/2 weeks our crew worked diligently day and night to mitigate and handle as many tree related emergencies as quickly and methodically as possible.

The windstorm caused a multitude of trees to fall on houses, roofs, driveways, in backyards and on fences ultimately leaving some of the families we helped displaced from their homes altogether.

As always, thank you for the unwavering support, patience, and understanding as we navigated through the first large windstorm of 2021.

Here’s a small glimpse of what those weeks entailed!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Infinity Tree Services LLC Crew

From all of the Infinity Tree Services LLC Crew, we genuinely wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

We are thankful for so many reasons, but first and foremost, we are thankful for our crew. We would not be where we are today if it wasn’t for the devotion, dedication, and adaptability they bring every single day.

We are thankful to have been able to expand our company through decking, fencing, and retaining walls to add to the multitude of outdoor services we provide.

But most importantly, we are thankful for the unwavering support and trust of all of our clients. We are thankful for the continuous promotion of our services through word of mouth, Facebook, and next-door. We are thankful to have been given the opportunity to show you our skill set and profession in our industry and to love what we do. #thankful #thanksgiving #Infinitytreeservicesllc #tree-crew #arborists

Winter Storms, Hazardous Trees, Holiday Fray, OH MY!

With winter on the way, it is common for trees to fall due to storms, excessive winds, and root failure, but knowing where to turn in those unexpected times is important. 

Yellow Autumn Leaves Frame an Emergency Tree Removal Incident
Infinity Tree was called to remove a large dead tree which had fallen in Des Moines WA recently. Winter Storms in Washington State check the readiness of the trees in our neighborhoods each year! If you’ve ever had a thought about that one tree near you? Contact Infinity Tree Services LLC in Des Moines WA now; and ask about a free health assessment before something unexpected happens. In this case, no one was injured, and we were able to safely remove the fallen tree without any additional damages. Give thanks!

Last week our crew was called to an emergency job where a tree uprooted and fell on top of a home. Thankfully no one was injured, but the removal of this tree to prevent further damage had to be done methodically and precisely.

Our crew stayed late and worked into the night removing as much of the tree as they could, but had to wait for the power lines to be dropped in order to completely remove the tree safely. We arrived first thing the next morning to complete the removal. Once the power lines were dropped, the tree was removed from the roof successfully with no additional damage incurred. Below are some photos and videos of that hazardous removal.

We are proud to be a full service tree company that handles routine tree work, but also one that handles unexpected tree emergencies when called. Thank you for your continued support and confidence in our crew.

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Hazardous Tree Removal Requires Proper Rigging to Prevent Further Damage
During this removal, our team had to carefully rig up the fallen trunk of this tree. This is so that when we remove sections of it, we want them to fall AWAY from property which could be damaged.
Safety First Night Tree Removal, Emergency Tree Fell, Health Assessments May Help You Prevent Storm Damage Such as this
Some jobs require that we keep shining, even when the winter sun in Washington droops below the horizon. In an emergency tree situation, call someone you can rely on. Infinity Tree accepts Emergency Tree Calls 24/7/365

Retaining your new landscape, preserving your family yard; with the ancient tradition of retaining walls!

Retaining walls are an amazing addition to truly transform and update
any home. Whether you are looking to maintain current landscaping for
gardens, to update your homes curb appeal, or even to increase the
value of your property, a beautifully and sound built retaining wall
is just the way to accomplish that.

Infinity Tree Services LLC is proud to honor our team of skilled and
experienced crew that handles fences, decking, and of course,
retaining walls. Due to Covid-19 our ability to promote these new
services has been challenged, but we are fully licensed, bonded, and
insured to complete the work and our employees are fully protected.

Below are some photos of recent retaining walls we have completed and
are proud to share! If you have any questions or are interested in
having a retaining wall built for your home, please feel free to email
us or call us at (253) 242-5980. We appreciate all of your support
and business and are thankful to work with such an amazing community.

In the Pacific NorthWest this week, Infinity Tree had the privilege to manicure a beautiful Japanese Maple Tree that had significance to it’s family.

Beautiful Heritage Japanese Maple Tree over 50 years old!

This week our crew was trusted to meticulously clean out and shape a beautiful 50 year old Japanese Maple Tree. This tree was passed down from generations and held great significance to the family due to the memories it created. It was an honor to have the opportunity to clean and shape the tree to promote years of continued health and growth. Below are the Before & After Photos

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Heritage Japanese Maple Before PruningHeritage Japanese Maple After Pruning

Living Trees make your landscape brighter! Look at this improvement to a neighborhood in the Kent Des Moines area recently!

After Picture of some Evergreen Magnolia trees, replacing some sad birches.
After Picture of some Evergreen Magnolia trees, replacing some sad birches.

This is the before and after of a local landscape in the Kent/Des Moines WA area. It is easy to see how transitioning from trees that were in poor health condition, to beautiful new Evergreen Magnolia trees can bring an extra level of vibrant life. These decaying birch trees had been improperly pruned; which caused severe decay in the upper canopy. Our team of professional arborists decided to remove the birch trees, and grind the stumps; in order to plant some beautiful evergreen magnolias. We met our client at the Kent East Hill Nursery and planted the trees they had chosen on the same day the birch trees were removed! Our company is proud to focus on not only the safe removal of trees, but also the replanting and future health of the new trees. A common theme in our customer reviews, is that their project ended up looking much better than they had envisioned! We think that’s because our whole team focuses on making the space we’re in better than we found it! With a little extra effort, we can all make our world a better place!

  • Before picture of a landscape in the Kent, Des Moines, Seattle area, some unhappy birch trees!
  • Before picture of a landscape in the Kent, Des Moines, Seattle area, some unhappy birch trees!
  • After Picture of some Evergreen Magnolia trees, replacing some sad birches.
  • After Picture of some Evergreen Magnolia trees, replacing some sad birches.

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