Tree Services

Certified Arborist

At Infinity Tree Services LLC we are proud to offer Certified Arborist Reports & Services. Whether you are in need of a tree permit due to easements, sloped property lines, critical areas, or just curious about the overall health of a tree, we have you covered. We schedule appointments to meet with every client and provide honest estimates whenever given the opportunity based on the scope of work and the tree care needs.

Our professional team of arborists can handle any tree service (including the unforeseen tree emergencies) and are highly experienced in the arboriculture industry. In addition, our company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind.

Tree Assessment

Infinity Tree Services LLC is proud to offer free and honest assessments. Owner, Paul Siciliano, takes pride in facilitating all estimate appointments personally to give advice, health assessments, visionary for outdoor spaces, and more. Appointments usually last approximately 10 – 15 minutes.


Our experienced and trained crew of professionals are equipped to safely and efficiently conduct all types of arbor removals including trees, shrubs, bushes, overgrowth, etc. By using proper equipment and techniques, our climbers and arbor groundsman work together to successfully remove trees in a timely fashion and clean up the surrounding area as if we were never on the premise to begin with. “It will look like someone stole your trees” as Paul would say!

Trimming & Shaping

We refer to proper trimming and shaping as conducting a Stage 1 Health and Structure Clean Out. During this phase, one of our skilled and trained arborist climbers will ascend to the top of a tree and will remove any and all dead, damaged, broken, or diseased limbs to promote future health of the tree. This is a common practice and will ensure trees will not drop any unforeseen limbs due to any of the causes listed above. The winter season is an ideal time to trim/shape due to the trees being in a dormant state. Trimming/Shaping can be conducted in other seasons, but the most we can remove is 25% of live growth (the winter allows for more trimming if needed due to the dormant state of the tree). We aim to leave the trees we tend to in a very natural and subtle appearance once we are finished.

Proper Pruning

Pruning is much more than trimming a few limbs back, it requires making proper cuts to ensure healthy future growth of the tree/shrub. It can also be conducted to achieve a more form-filling cosmetic look with stunting current growth patterns to allow for alternative branching. This technique is mastered by all of our crew to ensure the health and longevity of our clients trees are at the forefront of the work we conduct. Pruning is a healthy maintenance for any clients yard, and can be scheduled on a semi-annual, annual, or bi-annual basis.

Stump Grinding

Utilizing our commercial grade stump grinder, we are able to grind stumps and trace roots below grade 18 inches below ground. This not only ensures the stump will never grow back, it also provides nutrient rich wood chips to the surrounding ground and soil of where the stump/roots were ground. This service requires proper technique but also safety precautions. We will always set up plywood tall enough to ensure no rocks, dirt or debris are flown from the site of the stump grinding. Our clients homes, landscapes and safety are always our top priority.


Planting is an integral part of services and we are proud to offer. We work with a local tree and plant nursery to provide different options and guidance to meet our clients needs. Owner, Paul Siciliano personally schedules time to meet with clients at the nursery to ensure their outdoor vision is being brought to reality. Our team will personally purchase, transport and deliver any selected trees or plants, and will nourish the freshly planted with nutrient rich soil and conditioner. For any questions, or if you are interested in a nursery trip, please feel free to schedule an appointment online or by calling our office directly.

Emergency Services

Please note in our industry, emergencies always take precedence and come first. With that being said, pre-scheduled work is absolutely a priority and we are diligent in rescheduling as soon as possible, but ask for understanding and patience. Our experienced crew and team are trained to navigate emergencies when they arise whether a tree is hanging on by a limb, or has collapsed altogether, we are here to help. We pride ourselves in mitigating any further damage from occurring while working directly with insurance companies to remove some of the stress off of our clients. 

If you would like a free quote, please feel free to contact us today at 253.242.5980 or schedule an appointment online utilizing our online scheduling tool (same as the tree scheduling). Feel free to check out our photos as well to see past projects we have completed on our Facebook page or in our Recent Work section of our website. 

Thank you again for the opportunity and for trusting your outdoor needs with our company and crew!

– Infinity Tree Services LLC Company & Crew