Tree Diseases of Washington State

Washington is unofficially nicknamed the Evergreen State for having a lush canopy of trees. There are a variety of trees that are used for commercial and environmental purposes from woodworking to watershed protection.Some of the most common tree species are: Western Hemlock,Western White Pine, White bark Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Western Larch, Sitka Spruce, Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar,and Pacific Yew.

Unfortunately trees can be susceptible to tree diseases caused by bacteria,fungi,viruses, insects, and environmental factors. Here is a list of a few diseases that can affect your trees. (source)

Foliar Diseases

Root Diseases

Dwarf Mistletoe’s

Other Diseases

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One of the best preventative measures to avoid tree diseases altogether is consulting with a professional . As a Certified Arborist we are able to give advice on tree disease prevention and have the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and treat tree diseases. Contact our Certified Arborist today at Infinity Tree Services LLC!