Large Tree with Professional Arborist Harnessed Securely

Close quarters removal of a tall tree can be dangerous. Safety is first at Infinity Tree Services in SW Washington. It is crucial to know that your neighbors and your family are safe. Sometimes it is important to remove a large tree to prevent a storm from toppling it onto someone's home. It has become urgent at this point. You have to make a decision and it has to be now. Calling the right people is important; they have to be qualified, and available. Infinity Tree Services has a certified arborist on staff, we're experienced, knowledgeable, efficient, affordable, and above all we put safety first. Call us today for a free quote! Let us know if it's an urgent removal that poses a hazard. 253-242-5980

Professional from Infinity Tree Services safety harnessed to a large tree that needs removed in close quarters to other trees and property. This tree was removed in segments carefully to avoid any danger to our personnel and the property around the tree.

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